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Bayer 150 years

To celebrate the anniversary, numerous events are planned to take place around the world.

About Bayer

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, agriculture and high-tech materials.


Innovation plays an important role in overcoming global challenges and is a key driver of future growth at Bayer.


With our distinctive knowledge of people, animals, plants and materials, we intend to focus in future on the areas of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials.


Read more about our economic, ecological and social challenges and opportunities.


Looking for a job in an innovative company? Learn more about Bayer and the opportunities available.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a highly socially responsible company, the Bayer Group for its operations around the world to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Bayer attaches great importance to being a good corporate citizen in all the countries in which it operates. In China, too, the company’s social commitment is based on the principles of sustainable development and the endeavor to reconcile economy, ecology and social responsibility.
CSR at Bayer is more than just donation, but looks at our social performance towards achieving UN’s Sustainable Development Goals on Better Health and Zero Hunger. Externally it is an interface with Bayer’s external stakeholders in the public and social sectors; internally it safeguards donation compliance and provide professional services for corporate functions and business divisions on understanding of social challenges, designing, planning and executing CSR/employee engagement activities.

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Bayer China -Accepting responsibility – Taking the initiative


Accepting responsibility – Taking the initiative

Bayer is committed to the concept of sustainable development: with economy, ecology and social commitment being accorded equal importance in all of our activities. To quote our Group mission statement, "we acknowledge and accept our role as a socially and ethically responsible corporate citizen and are committed to the principles of sustainable development." Consequently, respect for people and nature and the sustainability of our actions are among our key corporate values.
We are convinced that innovation is the key to the sustained success of the company. Our technical and commercial expertise is based on this and, as another part of our Group mission statement explicitly states, entails the belief that we have "a duty to work for the good of all humankind, to demonstrate social commitment, and to make a lasting and positive contribution to sustainable and environmentally compatible development" – in keeping with our corporate slogan "Bayer: Science For A Better Life."

Our corporate social responsibility is demonstrated by our involvement in around 300 projects worldwide. Annually we spent some EUR 50 million on these projects. They focus on the areas of education and research, environment and nature, health and social needs, and sports and culture.

The Bayer Sustainable Development Policy outlines what the principles of sustainable development mean for our global activities. Central elements of sustainability management at Bayer include focusing on our goals, regular and transparent reporting and Group-wide policies. Similarly, the "Program for Legal Compliance and Corporate Responsibility at Bayer" provides a mandatory framework for our worldwide activities.

Through national and international networks we play an active role in fostering sustainable development, for example, through the econsense Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the United Nations' Global Compact, of which Bayer is a founding member. Since 1994 we have also played an active role in the global Responsible Care initiative set up by the chemical industry, which endeavors to continuously improve the safety of employees and local communities and the level of health and environment protection – and whose standards often exceed the legal requirements.

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